Nomikos Estate

Santorini Earth Goods

“With respect to the product, we incorporate both modern methods and traditional anhydrous cultivation techniques.”

The Yiannis Nomikos Estate, located in Vothonas, Santorini, is renowned for its production of local agricultural products. It is a vertically integrated facility, managing cultivation, processing, packaging, and distribution to ensure full traceability of its products.

Founded in 2006, the estate combines traditional cultivation methods with modern processing and packaging techniques to ensure high-quality and authentic products.

The estate cultivations are at scattered plots of land in Santorini. Nomikos Estate cultivates around 25 acres of fava, vineyards, and tomatoes as well as pistachios.

“I have managed to become the only producer of fava on the island of Santorini who produces, processes, and packages his own product. Farming on an island like Santorini is no easy task. We always have tourism as both an ally and a competitor. We also have to contend with adverse weather conditions such as very strong winds, lack of rain, and extremely hot summers. For us, tradition is a living reality, and we want to contribute to its preservation,” says Yiannis Nomikos.

Estate's Owner

Yiannis Nomikos

“I have personal touch with each fava bean...”

... says Yiannis Nomikos banteringly.

"This was the advice of Yiannis's father, Tzortzis, who wanted to convey the message to his young son that he must learn all the secrets of fava to succeed. Which are the best fava fields, where the early and the late fava grows, what time the harvest should take place to prevent the pods from breaking (at dawn, to ensure there is moisture), and how natural drying is done.

Many years have passed since then, and Yiannis has every reason to claim, 'I am in touch with every grain of fava.'"

After completing his studies in Industrial University of Piraeus he returned to the family estate. He simply wanted to do what he had learned from his grandfather and father: cultivating traditional products of Santorini.

The pistachio trees on the farm had been planted at his birth by his father. "These trees will live here as long as I live. I am attached to them,"

Visitors are welcome to Nomikos Estate Agricultural Farm, where they can find our processing facilities, shop, and dedicated tasting area.