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“Cultivating the land of Santorini presents unique challenges.”
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Nomikos Estate

“With respect to the product evolve with modern methods of traditional anhydrous cultivation.”

The Yiannis Nomikos Estate, located in Vothonas, Santorini, is renowned for its production of local agricultural products such as fava beans, sun-dried tomatoes, pistachios, capers, and olive oil. Founded in 2006, the estate combines traditional cultivation methods with modern processing and packaging techniques to ensure high-quality and authentic products.

Yiannis Nomikos, born and raised in the village of Exo Gonia, has a deep connection to the land. After completing his studies, he returned to Santorini to continue his family's farming traditions. The estate operates as a vertically integrated facility, managing cultivation, processing, packaging, and distribution to ensure full traceability of its products.

The farm offers a unique visitor experience, where guests can walk among the crops, observe the processing stages, and taste the products. This hands-on approach highlights the estate's commitment to maintaining the island's agricultural heritage while adapting to modern standards.

Estate's Owner

Yiannis Nomikos

“I have personal touch with each fava bean...”

...says Yiannis Nomikos banteringly. He comes from a farming family and after completing his studies in Industrial University of Piraeus he decided to work with passion, out of love for his motherland, with the products of Santorini.

“At Nomikos Estate, we welcome visitors for Tours and Tastings of our products.”