Olive Oil

“Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil”
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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Produced Directly from Koroneiki and Agrielia Varieties Using Only Mechanical Methods. Cold Extraction. Cold Pressed Product.”

The history of olive oil in Santorini is deeply intertwined with the island’s rich agricultural heritage and its long-standing tradition of olive cultivation. Olive trees have been an integral part of Santorini’s landscape for thousands of years, with evidence suggesting that olive cultivation dates back to ancient times, possibly even preceding the Minoan civilization.

Throughout history, olive oil played a crucial role in the economy, culture, and cuisine of Santorini. Olive oil was not only used for cooking but also for lighting, religious rituals, medicinal purposes, and as a valuable trade commodity.


Olive Oil & Santorini

60,000 years ago
Fossilized leaves after the olive tree, from the walls of the caldera of Thera. These extremely rare finds, the earliest in the Mediterranean, date from 60.000 BP. Until recently they were only known of Thera, but similar fossils have now found in Nisyros.