“The arid ‘Tomataki’ holds a significant place in Santorini’s gastronomic heritage. Despite their diminutive size and tough skin, these tomatoes boast a remarkably sweet flavor, rich aromas, and lingering aftertaste. Despite their small stature, they’re densely packed with lycopene, renowned for its antioxidant properties.”
A Little Bit of History

The Anhydrous Tomataki

“Lycopersicon esculentum Mill., ‘Tomataki Santorinis”
Cultivated in Santorini since 1875, the cherry tomato earned PDO status from the European Commission in December 2013.”

By the early 20th century, Santorini’s cherry tomato had become the primary export of the island, leading to the establishment of ten local factories dedicated to tomato paste production. At its peak, with approximately 1200 hectares under cultivation, the island yielded close to 7,000 tons of tomatoes. Some of these historic factories, located in Vlychada, Vothonas, and Monolithos, still stand today.

However, this burgeoning industry faced devastation in 1956 due to a powerful earthquake and the rise of industrial tomato farming, which offered significantly higher yields. Despite these challenges, the tradition of sun-drying cherry tomatoes for winter preservation remains a cherished practice among the people of Santorini.

What Tomato Offers


The Santorini cherry tomato is prized for its versatility, used in making tomato paste, fresh salads, tomato balls, spoon sweets, and jam. With 30% higher concentration than industrial tomatoes, its unique flavor enhances every dish.

Small Cherry Tomato

The arid ‘Tomataki’ holds a significant place in Santorini’s gastronomic heritage.

"Tradition,” Yiannis Nomikos explains, “is a living reality, because otherwise it’s just a museum piece. Here, we continue to thrive. We cherish the wisdom passed down from our parents, preserve our seeds, and embrace innovation – acknowledging the necessity of evolution. We educate ourselves, staying informed, yet always attuned to nature, adapting our cultivation methods to our environment.

Our relentless pursuit is to produce superior quality products naturally. If we achieve a direct connection between production and consumption, akin to Italy’s model, then our efforts will have truly borne fruit. 

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The small cherry tomato of Santorini holds a remarkable agricultural legacy. Originally introduced to the island by sailors transporting Santorini’s soil for the construction of the Suez Canal, this cherry tomato discovered in the island’s earth an ideal, arid environment for cultivation.