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Visitors are welcome to Nomikos Estate Agricultural Farm, where they can find our processing facilities, shop, and dedicated tasting area.  Surrounded by pistachio trees, olive trees, tomato plants, capers, and various local vegetable varieties in our kitchen garden.

Here, we handle and prepare our products, offering a rich sensory experience in the heart of Santorini's agricultural landscape.

This setting provides an experience that connects the visitor with the volcanic land and its bounty. Depending on the season, and ongoing activities, you may witness the harvesting or processing of some of our crops, gaining insight into our traditional cultivation methods and the journey from seed to product.

Nomikos Estate Exclusive Tasting

For a complete experience at 'Yiannis Nomikos Estate,' visitors must make a reservation.

The experience includes a tour of the farm and a personalized tasting of our products in a specially designed area. Visitors can enjoy combinations with fava, capers, tomatoes, olives, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, and a variety of nuts, served on individual plates.

Our combinations incorporate the essence of the Mediterranean diet and the land of Santorini.

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